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Nejsme provozovatelé Štramberské Trúby.
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Ultimate experiences

Archiv novinek

History of Dr. Hrstka’s cottage

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In 1925 the Štramberk branch of the Czech Tourist Club – a hikers’ organization – celebrated 30 years of activity. To mark the occasion, local members opened two buildings – the restored ‘Jaroněk’s shelter’ below the castle tower (named in honour of its designer Bohumír Jaroněk) and the newly built ‘Rašín cottage’ (now known as Dr. Hrstka’s cottage).

Rent the cottage

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Dr. Hrstka’s cottage is available for hire – either the whole cottage including the restaurant area (ideal for private gatherings, celebrations, weddings…) or the club room on the lower level (a perfect choice for hiking parties or smaller groups).


Sláma's cave

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In 1924, workers digging the foundations for Dr. Hrstka’s cottage discovered a cave (54 metres in depth). The cave was named after the writer Dr. František Sláma, whose works often mentioned the mysterious cave systems under Štramberk Castle. Here you can see an article by the doctor and local historian Dr. Adolf Hrstka in a hikers’ magazine from March 1925 (we apologize for the poor quality of the pdf file).

The cave can be viewed at any time during the opening hours of the ‘Trúba’ tower. The entrance is below Dr. Hrstka’s cottage, next to the wooden hut on the castle walls.

Access to the cave is limited because it is quite difficult and dangerous, even for experienced cavers. The most challenging part is the narrow entrance – if there is an accident or someone makes a mistake, it is very difficult to get through. This part of the cave is so narrow that if you are wearing a helmet it’s actually impossible to turn your head. The cave is also subject to erosion, and recently there have been several incidents when limestone rocks have become dislodged and fallen from the cave ceiling.

For these reasons, visitors to the cave enter at their own risk, and it is essential that they observe all relevant safety regulations and good practices. Of course, Dr. Hrstka’s cottage will do everything possible to ensure that your caving expedition goes smoothly; upon request, we can provide experienced guides for groups of visitors.

If you enjoy exploring the cavernous depths, our new Package of Experiences ‘Journey into the Depths of the Earth’ will give you a real dose of adrenaline. This visit to Sláma’s cave is a perfect treat for extreme sports enthusiasts – but only for the truly adventurous, and certainly not for the claustrophobic!


Services of the cottage

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Things to enjoy at the cottage - something for everyone!

The perfect place for gatherings with family and friends – no need to worry about getting things ready, preparing the food and drink, and clearing up afterwards…
- Why not phone us, tell us what you want, and leave all the hard work to us!

An ideal location for birthday parties and any other celebrations…
- Just give us a call, and we’ll arrange an event to remember!

For a real song and dance, we are the best music venue in town…
- A perfect location for music of all kinds!

With its light, spacious interior and friendly atmosphere, the cottage is a great place for all kinds of events:

  • traditional wooden interior décor … the aroma of the forest … music to delight the senses
  • guitars, flutes, African drums, violins – all for hire!
  • or bring your own instruments…
  • chess, cards, board games…
  • a range of books to read!
  • WIFI internet
  • a range of FREE TIBET goods
  • a warm welcome (and a bowl of water) for your four-legged friends
  • The cottage can be hired for company events or gatherings of family and friends…
  • Talks and film screenings by travellers…
  • A perfect place to party – why not book New Year’s Eve with us?!
  • We accept Cheque Déjeuner luncheon vouchers.

So why not come and visit us?

We look forward to showing you a true Štramberk welcome!


Menu and drink list

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We recommend our range of specialities to weary travellers who are in search of refreshment for body and soul… Take some time out to relax and enjoy our excellent food and drink – and of course, service with a smile…

Perhaps you might be tempted by our


Chata Dr. Hrstky


Menu – click here to display the menu (in Czech) in pdf format (4.3MB)


At Dr. Hrstka’s cottage we accept Hrstkas (a special private currency that can be used to pay for food and drink at the cottage), Czech Crowns (CZK) and – if you really insist – Euros (EUR) or Polish Zlotys (PLN). We also accept Cheque Déjeuner luncheon vouchers – so why not come and visit us with family or friends, and enjoy a taste of genuine Štramberk hospitality!




Dr. Hrstka’s cottage

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Dr. Hrstka’s cottage is a historic chalet, originally built by the local hiking club, that has recently been completely renovated with the help of the Wallachian Kingdom. You might remember what the cottage used to look like inside – a strange purple colour scheme, carpets not only on the floor but on the tables too, and décor straight from the 1970s.

Opening hours

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We don’t keep strict opening hours – if you want to keep going after 8 p.m., you might be able to persuade us…

May – September Mon–Sun:
April and October Mon–Sun: 11.00–20.00
November – March Fri:        


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Chata Dr. Hrstky

Turistická chata Dr. Hrstky

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,
telefon: +420 777 663 474

Areál hradu Štramberk

Kopec 77
742 66 Štramberk

GPS: N: 49°35'32.29", E:18°6'58.31"


Dolní 494
74401 Frenštát p. R.
telefon: +420 774 668 045,
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,


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