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History of Dr. HrstkaÔÇÖs cottage

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In 1925 the ┼átramberk branch of the Czech Tourist Club ÔÇô a hikersÔÇÖ organization ÔÇô celebrated 30 years of activity. To mark the occasion, local members opened two buildings ÔÇô the restored ÔÇśJaron─ŤkÔÇÖs shelterÔÇÖ below the castle tower (named in honour of its designer Bohum├şr Jaron─Ťk) and the newly built ÔÇśRa┼í├şn cottageÔÇÖ (now known as Dr. HrstkaÔÇÖs cottage).

Building work on the cottage began in the early spring of 1925 to plans by the architect Franti┼íek Grossman, with construction supervised by the builder J. Gregor from Zub┼Ö├ş. The cottage was opened to the public on 1 August, when it was presented to the local branch of the Tourist Club. On the ground floor there were 2 communal bunkrooms with space for 14 people ÔÇô one for 10 men, and the other for 4 women. On the upper floor ÔÇô with access via an outside veranda ÔÇô there were 4 rooms containing 12 beds in total. The corridor was hung with enlarged photographs of typical ┼átramberk street scenes. The wooded area outside the cottage provided welcome shade for hikers. In 1928 several alterations were made to the surrounding area, with the castle walls modified to create a courtyard where the owners of cars or motorcycles could park their vehicles. After the Second World War the cottage was renamed in honour of the doctor and local historian Dr. Adolf Hrstka.

While digging the foundations for the cottage, workers discovered a cave with a depth of around 60 metres ÔÇô the bottom of the cave is on about the same level as ┼átramberkÔÇÖs town square. It was named the ÔÇśSl├íma caveÔÇÖ after the local writer Franti┼íek Sl├íma, whose works often featured local historical characters and legendary figures. The plans for the cottage were altered to create a room which would allow the local branch of the hiking club to create an entrance to the cave (financial circumstances permitting).

The cottage was built almost exactly on the original site of the former ÔÇśLower Castle PalaceÔÇÖ, which was connected to the ÔÇśUpper PalaceÔÇÖ under the Tr├║ba tower by a drawbridge. The ÔÇśUpper PalaceÔÇÖ was roughly where Jaron─ŤkÔÇÖs shelter stands today.

Source: Josef Adamec


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