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  • ─îe┼ítina (─îesk├í republika)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Polish (Poland)
  • Deutsch (Germany)


+420 774 668 011 ,

Nejsme provozovatel├ę ┼átrambersk├ę Tr├║by.
Zab├Żv├íme se realizac├ş program┼» HRADN├Ź AKADEMIE.

truba_logoStramberk castle
Ultimate experiences

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Services of the cottage

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Things to enjoy at the cottage - something for everyone!

The perfect place for gatherings with family and friends ÔÇô no need to worry about getting things ready, preparing the food and drink, and clearing up afterwardsÔÇŽ
- Why not phone us, tell us what you want, and leave all the hard work to us!

An ideal location for birthday parties and any other celebrationsÔÇŽ
- Just give us a call, and weÔÇÖll arrange an event to remember!

For a real song and dance, we are the best music venue in townÔÇŽ
- A perfect location for music of all kinds!

With its light, spacious interior and friendly atmosphere, the cottage is a great place for all kinds of events:

  • traditional wooden interior d├ęcor ÔÇŽ the aroma of the forest ÔÇŽ music to delight the senses
  • guitars, flutes, African drums, violins ÔÇô all for hire!
  • or bring your own instrumentsÔÇŽ
  • chess, cards, board gamesÔÇŽ
  • a range of books to read!
  • WIFI internet
  • a range of FREE TIBET goods
  • a warm welcome (and a bowl of water) for your four-legged friends
  • The cottage can be hired for company events or gatherings of family and friendsÔÇŽ
  • Talks and film screenings by travellersÔÇŽ
  • A perfect place to party ÔÇô why not book New YearÔÇÖs Eve with us?!
  • We accept Cheque D├ęjeuner luncheon vouchers.

So why not come and visit us?

We look forward to showing you a true Štramberk welcome!


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