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Nejsme provozovatel├ę ┼átrambersk├ę Tr├║by.
Zab├Żv├íme se realizac├ş program┼» HRADN├Ź AKADEMIE.

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Rent the cottage

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Dr. HrstkaÔÇÖs cottage is available for hire ÔÇô either the whole cottage including the restaurant area (ideal for private gatherings, celebrations, weddingsÔÇŽ) or the club room on the lower level (a perfect choice for hiking parties or smaller groups).


  • use of the restaurant area and kitchen facilities
  • the cottageÔÇÖs staff
  • the club room on the lower level ÔÇô ideal for meetings or leisure events
  • hire of a data projector, projection screen and audio system
  • hire of a barbecue
  • a range of musical instruments
  • WC and shower facilities
  • The cost of this complete hire package is calculated individually ÔÇô just contact us and weÔÇÖll give you a quote.


  • the club room with its timber-framed upper level (for storage or relaxation)
  • a kitchenette with basic facilities (plates, cutlery, mugs, glasses, cooking pots, electric cooker, kettleÔÇŽ), also with a timber-framed upper level (for storage or relaxation)
  • 1x WC, 1x shower
  • hire of board games or musical instruments
  • hire (for an extra fee) of a data projector, projection screen and audio system, or a barbecue
  • fully heated
  • both rooms can be locked separately
  • open all year round
  • use of the restaurant on the ground floor of the cottage

Prices of club room hire:

  • 150 CZK per person per day
  • 200 CZK per person per day including sheet/duvet
  • or 1000 CZK per group (7 or more people) per day



  • the ÔÇśTr├║baÔÇÖ tower ÔÇô just a few steps away
  • ┼átramberk town square (restaurants, hotels, souvenirs, museumsÔÇŽ) ÔÇô just a stoneÔÇÖs throw away
  • bus stop (below the square) ÔÇô just two stonesÔÇÖ throws away
  • B├şl├í Hora viewing tower ÔÇô 1 km
  • natural arboretum and historic quarry ÔÇśKamen├írkaÔÇÖ ÔÇô less than 1 km
  • ┼áipka cave and Kotou─Ź hill ÔÇô 500 m
  • gym ÔÇô 500 m
  • Libot├şn open-air swimming pool ÔÇô 2km

ÔÇŽ and many other beautiful sights in the fairy-tale town of ┼átramberk. The composer Leo┼í Jan├í─Źek, born in nearby Hukvaldy, loved ┼átramberk ÔÇô he said it was the prettiest town in the whole country. Known fondly as the ÔÇśMoravian BethlehemÔÇÖ, ┼átramberk is a natural gateway to the Beskydy mountains and the Lachian Gate ÔÇô a region that offers a huge range of wonderful sights and experiences to visitors of all ages.

If you are interested in hiring Dr. HrstkaÔÇÖs cottage, you can contact the cottage manager Eva Lorencov├í (tel: 777663474 or e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


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